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Mariners Moose Tracks, 11/1/20: Julio Rodríguez, The Mets!, Tomoyuki Sugano

It’s officially the first month with no baseball

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World Baseball Classic - Championship Round - Game 2 - United States v Japan Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to November 1, aka the earliest day I have ever finished the bulk of my holiday shopping. Being stuck indoors with an excuse to shop online has been bad news for my wallet but very good news for everyone on my gift list. Now given the way time works in 2020, it will either feel like six hundred years or six seconds before Christmas actually rolls around, but it’s nice to be prepared either way. Also preparing you for the holiday season: the gift of these links.

In Mariners news:

  • A wild Patrick Frick appears!
  • Otherwise, the Mariners bats were fairly quiet in yesterday’s game, although Cal Raleigh continued to torment the poor little pitchers who have to face him and his Wonderbat:
  • Julio didn’t play in yesterday’s game, but here he is making some noise anyway:

ICYMI, Julio will be playing for the Leones de Escogido in LIDOM play starting on November 15. He’ll join an Escogido team that also boasts top prospect Wander Franco, and fellow Mariner Luis Liberato (as well as former Mariner Joseph Rosa). If you’re interested in watching those games, good news! There’s a deal very similar to MLB TV for LIDOM baseball, and right now there’s an early-bird special: just 15 bucks gets you all-access for the season. Sign up here. (Pro tip: the website doesn’t translate well with the Google translate feature, so if your Spanish knowledge is zero, you might want to try another browser, or ask a friend for help. It’s pretty intuitive though, even if you don’t know what the prompts are saying. Contraseña means “password”, that’s about as tricky as it gets, and you can use PayPal to pay, which cuts out a few steps.)

Around the League:

  • Even with a new owner, it takes a while to wash the Mets off the Mets.

Kate’s pick:

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so yesterday kind of sucked, honestly. Every Halloween, though, I am grateful for this tweet, which I sometimes think about out of nowhere and just start laughing about to myself: