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Sporcle Friday: 2020 Mariners’ Pitchers

so many mediocre white dudes

Seattle Mariners v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The 2020 Seattle Mariners used 29 different pitchers in a 60-game season. A lot of them were complete and utter non-entities, which I guess is better than being memorably bad? A great deal of them hucked less than 10 innings, which doesn’t really tell us a whole lot, but does give them the official status of Major League Baseball player.

Of this group of 29, I would say about eleven and a half can expect to have a future with the Mariners. To the others, uhhh, Korean baseball seems pretty fun! I don’t know, maybe that was rude, I just desperately need the conveyor belt of dudes who look like they came straight from an IPA factory to stop.

There is also a person on here who is not a pitcher whatsoever. He got pressed into pitching duties on August 29 in Anaheim and actually got Mike Trout out, although Trout’s flyout to left did score a run.