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Lookout Landing Podcast 133: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Eric Rivera

The Seattle chef on rooting for the Mariners, baseball culture in Puerto Rico, and why ballpark food needs a major improvement

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Photo courtesy of Suzi Pratt/Eater

0:00-20:00: Matthew calls up chef Eric Rivera (who was recently profiled in a wonderful Eater story by Alberto Perez) to talk about his experiences as a fan of the Seattle Mariners. Eric is also the owner of the restaurant Addo in Ballard, which is doing a lot of easy to make and inexpensive take-out meals. How did Eric feel about micro dosing a baseball season? How does he feel about what Jerry Dipoto has cooked up at his executive table?

20:05-39:35: Let’s talk about the unwritten rules, which are stupid, and if you like them, guess what? You are also stupid. Eric spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico as a kid, which means he also learned a lot about how the game is played there. What are the main differences? Why does America hate fun so much?

39:40-51:10: Where, when, and how did this whole journey of baseball fandom begin for Eric? Steroids and The Peanut Guy were heavily involved. He also talks about living in Chicago as the Cubs finally got over the hump and all the thoughts it invited. This portion ends with a sad retrospective on a summer without live baseball.

51:15-1:07:30: Let’s make fun of ballpark food! Eric is uniquely qualified to talk about this, and he has some THOUGHTS. To summarize, make the food represent more of the players on the field. While the stadium does a good job of highlighting local beers, it remains insane that you can’t get a Seattle dog at any of the thousand kiosks around the concourse. This gourmet conversation ends with Eric evaluating the current food scene in Seattle.

Music: “Who You Are” by Mannequin Pussy // “Vanished” by Crystal Castles

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