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Open Game Thread: League Divisional Series Game 1

let’s enjoy some sweet sweet West Coast baseball

Wild Card Round - Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After a baseball-less weekend that’s an eerie preview of the upcoming off-season, the League Divisional series start up this week. Now we get to hand out some banners.

The first game up is Oakland vs. Houston, at 1:07 PT. Why 1:07? Why not 1:10? Did the Angels somehow worm their way into scheduling this? Anyway, here’s how those two squads will line up:

The national broadcast for the game will be on TBS, giving me vibes of watching Braves games as a kid in the 90s. Also, for those of you who collect the Topps line of umpire trading cards, this is an interesting note:

The other game today is the Yankees-Rays, starting at 5:07 (again, why), also on TBS. Here’s Tampa Bay’s lineup for the game:

No Yankees lineup yet, but here’s NYY’s ALDS roster, so, some combination of these guys:

Also, I totally forgot the Yankees and Rays are playing in California. So weird! I wonder if the neutral site will affect the Rays’ mysterious powers over the Yankees, like maybe the dome at the Trop was containing the mystical energy Tampa Bay uses to continually wrong-foot the Yankees, or there’s some ley line running from St. Petersburg to Yankee Stadium that Kevin Cash has learned how to master and bend to his will. You know, normal things thought by a normal person who definitely hasn’t spent too much time inside for the past eight months staring at the same four walls.

Go baseball! All I’m rooting for is Game 5s. Oh, and against the Astros. Always against the Astros.