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They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 21: The Draft is Set

We know where the Mariners will be picking in 2021, which means recent scouting showcases can take on a more targeted focus.

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Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

For Kate, Joe, and John, the offseason is the furthest thing from break time. That’s because the draft order is now settled, which means we’ve got another layer of clarity on where Seattle might be picking at No. 12 overall and beyond. Despite *gestures in every direction*, high school baseball showcases have continued across the country, giving scouting departments and public scouting enthusiasts the chance to watch from afar as the next wave develops.

We take listener questions on who the M’s could target now that they’re just outside the top-10. Is this the year that the M’s finally go with a high-upside prep position player? Do guys like Marcelo Mayer have a chance of making it to the M’s? And how might they look to add another competitive balance pick as they have the past couple years? How did we first get into prospects, and what was our first draft that we truly remember as something we followed?

Music: “Symphonies” by Kid Cudi

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