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World Series 2020 Game 4 Open Game Thread

it’s not a must-win game for Tampa Bay but it feels like that...

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Three
ji-man groin
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dodgers only lead the series by one game, but last night’s wire-to-wire victory felt like a pretty commanding victory. If you missed the game and would like to read a recap of Game 3, check it out over at True Blue LA here. If experiencing that much success even vicariously is confusing or disorienting to you as a Mariners fan, check out DRays Bay, which has both a blow-by-blow diary entry and a standard recap. The diary entry is titled “Pain,” so again, Mariners fans should be right at home.

Tampa Bay will try to even up the series tonight, but the momentum definitely feels like it’s swung in LA’s favor. However, tonight looks to be a bullpen day for both squads, so in that case, the Rays might have a slight edge in this game.

Of note: Bellinger is at DH today; manager Dave Roberts said Bellinger’s back tightened up on him overnight, and cast some gentle shade at the turf in Globe Life. I will cast some stronger shade: that field suuuuuuuuuuuucks, bro!

Tonight’s game action starts, on FOX. And even if you’re not near a TV, you can watch some of the pregame warmup on Twitter, here.

Go flappy bois! I need all seven baseball games left in 2020, please, before the darkness closes in.