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10/23/20: World Series Game 3 Open Thread

It’s all knotted up; who do you like?

World Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two
mookie, mookie, mookie!
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After the worst-timed off day ever, the World Series picks back up again tonight with things all tied up at one game apiece. Tonight’s is an especially good pitching matchup, too, with Walker Buehler dueling against Charlie Morton. The baseball! It is very good.

The betting lines like the Dodgers tonight as do many of the pundits. It’s hard to bet against Walker Buehler, the Dodgers’ best pitcher, but I believe in these scrappy little Rays. I think the Dodgers still win, but it will be close. If there was a prop bet I’d take, it’d be something about Mookie Betts getting a package on his multi-sport dominance after this tweet went viral earlier:

Mookie Betts is so good! I appreciate this series highlighting how good he is (sorry to the Red Sox fans out there), and how we need more Mookie Bettses in baseball. Currently however, baseball is losing the Mookies to other sports more than it is retaining them—and maybe if Mookie wasn’t 5’9”, he doesn’t make it to baseball anyway. It certainly could have been otherwise:

We stan Mama Mookie, but also, what of the kids who have parents who walk away from that kind of confrontation? Who don’t start up a team of the stragglers so everyone gets a chance to play? Who don’t have the connections, don’t speak English as a first language, don’t want to watch their kids cry? We need to make sure baseball truly is for everyone if we want to have a shot at attracting and retaining the best talent.

Thankfully, Mookie made it, and you can watch him and the Dodgers tonight at 5 PM on FOX. (The Rays will be there too! Sorry, Rays, didn’t mean to make you a footnote. But also, Mookie.)