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10/21/20: World Series Game 2 Open Game Thread

Snellzilla tries to avenge the Rays after Tampa Bay goes down 0-1 to Mookie Betts (and the rest of the Dodgers too, I guess)

Dodger fans watch Game 1 of World Series at a drive-in viewing at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA
who says drive-in movies are dead?
Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Dodgers kicked off the 2020 World Series with a bang last night, earning a decisive 8-3 victory buoyed by one Markus Lynn Betts. Hopefully most Red Sox fans decided to take last night to really dig in on that underground bunker they’ve been working on.

After Tyler Glasnow struggled against the Dodgers’ no-breaks-and-no-brakes lineup, the Rays will send Blake Snell out in Game 2 to see if Snellzilla will have more success against the MechaDodgers. Snell depends on getting chases on his breaking stuff out of the zone (42% of his pitches are in the zone vs. an MLB average of 48% with an eye-popping 62% whiff rate on his curve), and the Dodgers as a team Do Not Chase, so this is your typical immovable object/unstoppable force matchup. Or, to meme it up further, who will win: one horse-sized Blake Snell, or nine Snell-sized Mookie Bettses? Bettsi? Is a Blake Snell a sandwich? (If Blake Snell is a sandwich, it definitely has too many red onions. I don’t know why that’s a fact, it just is.)

LA will counter with Tony Gonsolin, noted cat lover and therefore, the person I’m rooting for in this matchup, even though my overall preference is for Tampa Bay to even up the series and for us to get as much baseball as possible before we have to put it away for the winter.

Game time is 5:08 PT and will air on FOX. And hey, the next time your friend who only watches football and the basketball playoffs sniffs to you about how baseball is boring and no one watches it, shove this in their pie-hole: