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Lookout Landing Podcast 135: Mike Zunino is in the World Series

Ashley MacLennan of DRaysBay joins the show to talk about our beautiful Italian boy taking center stage

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World Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game One Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

0:00-13:25: Ashley MacLennan of DRaysBay is here to try and figure out how Mike Zunino ended up in the World Series. Her and Matthew begin by rejoicing over the fact that the Astros lost and how strange it is to not play a non-divisional team all season until the League Championship Series. Then we get into the Zunino zone. What were Ashley’s thoughts when the Rays traded Mallex Smith and Jake Fraley to land Z? Did anything surprise her about Zunino’s skill set? Also does Tampa want Jake Fraley back?

13:30-29:40: How did the Rays use Zunino during the regular season? Can we expect that to continue in the World Series? With a player like Mike, the non-quantifiable things are arguably the most important. How does Ashley feel about that, and how does that affect the way she watches the team? A discussion about players excelling after finding the best fit for them blooms out of this. Will Mikey be able to just sit fastball and feast off the Dodgers’ velocity?

30:10-41:34: The Rays are great y’all, get over yourselves. Watching bullpen games is weird, but it certainly helps when all the bullpen guys have the best stuff you’ve ever seen. Lastly, as this is a Mariners podcast dripping with self-immolation, we remind you of the Dodgers’ history of success vs. Seattle’s. To cap things off, Matthew and Ashley talk about the Rays’ chances to actually win this thing.

Music: “Benzi Box” by DANGERDOOM ft. Cee Lo Green // “Close Your Eyes” by Kim Petras

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