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Sporcle Friday: 2020 Mariners’ Position Players

You can type Jarred Kelenic all you want, it’s still not going to work

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners - Game Two Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Who was your favorite position player on the 2020 Seattle Mariners? Was it one of the hyped prospects who finally came into their own this year? Was it one of the fringe guys that in the past would have turned into a pumpkin, but this year became a beautiful princess? Was it a total rando that nobody outside the Pacific Northwest will ever devote a single ounce of brain power to ever again?

Whoever it was, they will live in immortality on this quiz. The Mariners used 21 position players altogether during this season, ranging from 248 plate appearances to just 14. I can guarantee that at least three of these guys are done with the M’s forever. We wish them luck in all future endeavors.

You can try your hand at naming all of the team’s pitchers next week.