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Mariners Moose Tracks, 10/11/20: Jordan Cowan, Roenis Elías, Giancarlo Stanton, and The Goonies

And the opening of the ALCS!

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Division Series - Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees - Game Three Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Good Sunday morning to you all. If you happened to miss the Yankees-Rays showdown on Friday, by all means, run don’t walk to whatever electronic device will allow you to re-watch that game, especially if you’re a fan of lockdown pitching performances. If you just want to see an abbreviated version, Pitching Ninja has compiled all 24 Ks from the game into a handy YouTube video, although pro tip, keep your sound off through the theme song.

I thought I was impartial in the series, just wanting whichever team looked like a bigger threat to take down the Astros to come out on top, but I started grinning like a goober when the Rays pulled ahead. The heart always knows, I guess. Speaking of the Astros, the Astros-Rays series kicks off today at 4:37 on TBS, because the big brain schedule-makers at MLB not only decided to start the ALCS against Sunday Night Football, but also have granted the Rays the gift of one (1) day off. Anyway, go flappy bois. On to the links!

In Mariners News:

  • The longest-tenured Mariners minor leaguer will be back for another season, as INF Jordan Cowan is expected to re-up with the organization for another season.

Also, in Grammar News, hyphens matter, people!

  • In former Mariners news, Roenis Elias has elected free agency, and I would not be opposed to bringing him home:
  • My new life goal is to become famous enough somehow that I get my own personalized ginger beer label, and that I then use that ginger beer to make a delicious Moscow Mule:

Around the League:

Kate’s pick:

My friends and I have been dealing with the cancellation of bar trivia nights by writing our own rounds for each other and doing them virtually. We were instructed to re-watch The Goonies for a special theme round for this week, a movie I never watched as a kid but still find utterly delightful even as an adult. Conveniently, The Goonies was the focus of Josh Gad’s first Reunited Apart YouTube show, available to watch here if that’s something you’re interested in: