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FanPost Friday: The Best of 2019

You post ‘em, we pick ‘em!

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
for the people!
Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

2019 was a rough season for Mariners fans and as such, fan engagement was a bit lower than in seasons past. But, we soldiered on here at FanPost Friday HQ (Eric’s desk) and there were still quite a few choice FanPosts to pick from in 2019. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to respond to a prompt this past year. After all these years, the LL community is still vibrant, smart, and has an ever-evolving sense of humor and I am honored to be a part of it.

Enough prelude, play the hits!

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
this guyyyy!
Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Unprompted Division

Ichiro Suzuki Scouting Report ‘99 — “Do Not Acquire” - by Nicholas Stillman

Back in March, Nick threw down a delightfully absurd fake(??) scouting report on the beloved Ichiro that contained the phrase “low ass” and the rest was history. Nick, based somewhere in central California at the time, was invited to join the staff and was able to provide some first hand accounts and prospect reports from Modesto Nuts games, as well as positing his theory that Tim Beckham is indeed a werewolf. As we posted about last week, the California AB 5 law change concerning free lancers means that Nick won’t be contributing as much going forward, but we still love him and he had a great run. It all started with this FanPost. Enjoy.

MLB Scheduling is Dumb Division

The Fix for MLB Scheduling is to Change Whose Fault it is by Chris (from Bothell)

Chris went deep into the weeds for a creative solution to a problem that has plagued fans for years and years.

MLB: JUL 22 Mariners at Tigers Photo by Steven King/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Félix Division

Thank you, Félix by btownfritz

Happy Félix Day by Isabelle Minasian

This was a big year for homages to our now-departed King. Two of the best came from btownfritz and erstwhile staff writer, current HoF employee Isabelle Minasian.

MiLB: MAY 21 Fresno Grizzlies at Tacoma Rainiers
get after it, casey!
Photo by Joseph Weiser/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Oddball Division

The Stuff that Nightmares are Made of by btownfritz

I love minor league baseball wackiness and btownfritz did his due diligence and gave us his top five scariest MiLB mascots. Reader beware!

Inspirational Division

Jerry Dipoto should not bail on brunch at the last minute by Isabelle Minasian

In which Isabelle turns the Rebuild(TM) into a metaphor for waiting for a spot at a good brunch place.

Best Personal Story

The Burden of Manhood by Sean P WAS me

One Coat to Rule Them All by Sean P WAS me

What can I say? Sean P swept this category with two excellent posts. I couldn’t pick just one. First, he took my prompt about “What would your Players’ Weekend nickname be?” and he spun a surprisingly sweet yarn about facial hair, being a math major in college, and how that lead to his nickname. And if that wasn’t enough, he told an even more personal and heartfelt story about his dad and a particular Mariners jacket. Thanks for sharing, Sean!

Baltimore Orioles v Seattle Mariners
“bye, buddy! hope you find your dad!”
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Cursed Baseball Division

Calm down, Richie Sexson by Ryan Blake

Did you know that the most recent bench clearing melee that the Mariners have been a part of was 11 seasons ago and it was started by Richie Sexson? Take it away, Ryan Blake.

Best in Show

Mariners Xmas Songs by cornholethatdog

Click if you dare. Cornholethatdog, better known to some as Leonard, has a track record of recording delightfully specific and nerdy song parodies about the Mariners, softbaLL games, etc. This prompt was no-so-subtly aimed at Leonard, and boy, the guy came through with the goods. Apologies to Mariah Carey.

Did I miss your favorite? Sound off in the comments! Thanks again, folks, and go Mariners.