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Lookout Landing Podcast 99: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Jeva Lange

What happens when a person grows up in Kirkland, moves to New York, immerses herself in the Mariners, and finds out her family member had a strange encounter with the Nola family?

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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

0:00-12:25: Jeva Lange, a culture critic for The Week, joins the show to discuss her Mariner journey! Jeva grew up on the Eastside but lives in New York City and, in her own words, is an avid Mariner fan but also a bit detached. This means, unfortunately, that a huge part of her Mariner experience is watching them at Yankee Stadium. Pro tip from a New Yorker: Citi Field > Yankee Stadium. What was her reaction to seeing James Paxton in pinstripes all over town? How does she cope with having a boyfriend that actively roots for the Oakland Athletics?

12:30-29:05: How to explain the Mariners to non-sports people. Claiming bragging rights on prolonged suffering. Matthew and Jeva discuss things that can take your mind off of sports and also the ways those can backfire. However, we will always have the luxury of falling asleep to Mariner games, especially those of us on the east coast. How do we feel Twitter has shaped our approach to baseball? What about keeping score? A brief chat on the art of doing things by yourself.

29:10-41:25: We’re talking uniforms, baby! Get ready to have someone say something you disagree with. Despite being a self-proclaimed superstitious person, Jeva is still a proud trident hat wearer. How does being a critic affect Jeva’s outlook on a 162-game season? Which current Mariner does Jeva have a truly insane story about?

41:30-47:47: How we feeling with another fresh season just months away? Find out who Jeva’s favorite player on the roster is and what baseball-related item she bought on her trip to Japan last year. If you’re planning a trip to see the Mariners in New York or Spring Training this year, look for Jeva!

Music: “Bike Dream” by Rostam // “Us” by Regina Spektor

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