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Sporcle Friday: Most Plate Appearances at Safeco/T-Mobile Without a Home Run

i’m sorry this one is quite hard

Seattle Mariners v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The other day John Trupin rudely informed me that Chris Taylor never hit a home run at Safeco Field, which led to this quiz. Taylor, of course, ended up breaking out for the 2017 Dodgers and hitting three postseason home runs that October, including one against the Astros that should probably count twice as hard.

There are six guys on here that never even played for the Mariners, baseball’s pleasant Airbnb guests who just sort of stopped by a few times and made little impression. On the Seattle side, there are two players from the first ever team to call Safeco Field home, a fan favorite from one of the fun-but-no-playoffs years, and a fan enemy from the demonic 2010 team.

All of the teams listed here start at 1999, the stadium’s inaugural season. The first homer at Safeco Field? Hit by none other than Russ Davis, which feels a bit wrong. As of today, the most recent home run hit at T-Mobile Park belongs to Kyle Seager, which feels exactly right.

See if you can come up with every person to make at least 99 plate appearances at Safeco/T-Mobile without ever leaving the yard. My guess is you probably cannot.

Note: The dimensions of this one are kind of weird because I wanted to note the teams they played for to provide some context, but a lot of these dudes played for like 37 teams. I recommend clicking the link below and just taking the quiz on Sporcle’s site.