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FanPost Friday: Make Your Own Astros Roast

Reap what you sow, roast what you reap

Toy Bat in Flowered Wastebasket
this came up when i searched “trash can” in the photo tool, okay?
Photo by Found Image Holdings/Getty Images

The baseball world at large has had their say on the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal. Here are a few assorted highlights from the last few weeks:

This one is worth the click:

This goes beyond the Astros, but wow, it is worth the journey:

And of course I must include our own Matthew Roberson’s parody megahit:

Bonus esoteric tweet that Matthew pretty much hand-crafted just for me:


Now, it’s your turn LLers! Submit a FanPost of your best Astros roast in the form of a song, humorous photoshop, slam poetry, or just a good ol’ bitter diatribe and we will front page the best ones over the weekend. Get creative and get it all off your chest!