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Lookout Landing Podcast 97: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Jordan Shusterman

The question isn’t so much WHY we’re Mariners fans but HOW that’s affected the rest of our existence

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Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

0:00-18:15: Jordan Shusterman aka half of Cespedes Family BBQ aka Gringo Mr. Worldwide aka Yung Mariners Fan aka Mango White Claw joins the show! As the Astros keep pantsing themselves in public, we laugh at the fact that nobody has ever come close to embarrassing themselves quite like our Seattle Mariners. When unearthing Jordan’s fandom, we discover that he is maybe a bad decision-maker. Not in terms of how he got there, which was partially due to this beautiful publication, but because he went out of his way to support the M’s while growing up on the east coast. Shout out Jeff Sullivan and Trayvon Robinson.

18:20-33:55: Becoming true to the blue while also developing an online presence. Matthew references some of his best work from the teen posting days.

Who is Jordan’s favorite bad Mariner? What was it like to meet James Jones in 2015? What about being at All-Star Media Day with Justin Smoak? How the Mariners mirror life in Seattle and also invoke Natasha Bedingfield. How is this crop of prospects different than the ones that let us down in the past?

34:00-48:25: How do we (try to) avoid the defeatist vibes? Is there a way to evaluate Jerry Dipoto without letting the failures of last regimes color your judgment? Justice for Robinson Canó, who should be remembered as a vision of hope and not a bastion of failure. Being a Mariners fan gets so wrapped up in what they don’t do that we must remember all the things that they did, can, and will do.

48:30-1:10:18: What will a Mariners postseason run do to our well-being? Matthew unleashes a bold take about his preferred outcome should they lose a playoff game in the near future. We then both decide that just making the playoffs will sate our sports needs. How do people that root for other teams manage actual expectations? Ending with expectations for the 2020 team and coming to grips with our uncertain, prospect-reliant future. Goodbye, Tommy and Wade. You were so, so good at being available. Jordan ends by previewing some of his upcoming Mariners content!

Music: “Time to Pretend” by MGMT // “Little Trouble” by Better Oblivion Community Center

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