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Lookout Landing Podcast 96: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Nat Baird

a real-life teenager (and the newest LL staff member) makes his podcast debut!

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Kansas City Royals v Seattle Mariners Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

0:00-16:25: Welcoming Nat Baird to the show for his first appearance on the Lookout Landing podcast! Nat is the newest hire and also probably the coolest person on staff, as he gets to travel the world with his rock climbing school. As a teenager, Nat has also never inhabited the planet at the same time as a Mariner playoff game. He still managed to become a fan though, partially due to his own mishaps.

16:30-25:35: Surprise! We’re a rock climbing, Seahawks, and Utah Jazz podcast now. What “were” the Mariners when Nat first became aware of them in *gulp* the mid-2000s? Kate then explains what Seattle felt like as a baseball town, even though Nat wasn’t alive and Matthew could barely read at the time.

25:40-43:15: Why won’t Brodie van Wagenen add Matthew to his LinkedIn network? He’s been on TV after all.

Never sleep on the A’s and never talk about the Mariners as a sure thing. Is it a sure thing that they’ll be better than the Orioles? Who is Nat’s favorite prospect?

43:20-49:00: Let’s make some predictions. Nat, who has been the least beaten down by modern life, is the most optimistic of the bunch. In looking around the league, we wonder who is even on the Tigers and what are the Angels going to do with their pitching?

49:10-1:08:13: Questions from our staff, since none of you answered our plea on Twitter. What’s the worst thing we’ve eaten at the stadium, and which Mariner would we choose for a game of badminton? Nat ends by explaining why Jarred Kelenic would be a bad climber, and we wrap by guessing which Mariner is likeliest to drive a Tesla.

Here’s the Jarred Kelenic hype video we were talking about:

Music: “The Jump Off” by Lil’ Kim // “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

Note: If you’re searching for the podcast to subscribe (and we would love it if you did) please be aware that it is listed as simply “Lookout Landing” and not “Lookout Landing 2.0” which is understandably confusing. We’re sorry.

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