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9/7/19: Open Game Thread

Houston, we have a problem. You keep beating us.

MLB: SEP 05 Mariners at Astros
Athlete Face.
Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After yesterday’s fairly acceptable and understandable defeat, the Mariners are back at it with King Felix facing off against some guy who is an amazing pitcher. But Shed Long is here, batting second and playing there as well! Braden Bishop, who has not gotten off to a good start this year, is in the outfield! Dee Gordon: shortstop! Omar Narvaez: catcher!

This game has it all.

Injury News!

According to Divish, Mitch Haniger’s second opinion was that the first opinion was accurate. His back injury means him returning to the team this year are slim. It seems so odd to have almost an entire season with the Hanigod on the team. I hope that is the last time this happens.

Fraley did not fracture his thumb, but any ligament damage would likely mean he is done for the year. Even without damage a hand injury can take a long, long time to return from (just ask Shed). I hope that was not the last we’ll see of Jake this year.