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Mariners Moose Tracks, 9/4/19: Nelson Cruz, Pete Alonso, and Jorge Soler

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Plus more on the wholesome friendship of Yusei Kikuchi and Daniel Vogelbach

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone! We’ve got a good batch of links for you today. Let’s get to it.

In Mariners news...

  • The M’s have successfully made the climb.
  • You may know by now that Yusei Kikuchi is (sorta) naming his son after Daniel Vogelbach. Corey Brock at The Athletic went behind-the-scenes to uncover the origins of their friendship. ($)
  • Julio Rodríguez made yet another appearance in the Baseball Prospectus ten pack. ($)

Around the league...

  • This is...pretty bad.
  • I think it’s pretty clear what the Astros’ approach to pitching development is.

Anders’ picks...

  • What an awesome story.
  • Just going to leave this here.