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9/3/19: Open Game Thread

Happy Felix Day!

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers
the delousings will continue until the bats improve
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The baseballing continues unabated for these Seattle Mariners as they roll into the final month of the 2019 season. The blue and red bear cubs of Chicago are struggle-busing to keep their season alive and contend for a wild card spot and need these wins far more than the Mariners do, so the Mariners have politely obliged and agreed to run out one of the worst batting lineups in recent memory (in an NL stadium to boot! How pure!).

Standing squarely in opposition to laying down this game at the feet of these heel-turn Cubs is Félix Hernández. The King has been perfectly competent since his return from the IL. He hasn’t quite been wowing anyone, but he has avoided any meltdowns and has steadily regained confidence and stature. A lot is riding on these final starts as a Mariner for Félix, as it’s not totally untrue to say that these starts will decide whether or not many teams give him a serious chance to make a roster next season. But, a lot can happen between today and next February, so until then, Happy god dang Felix Day, my friends.

Game Time: 5:05 PM PST
TV: ROOT Sports Northwest and also this game is FREE on MLB.TV if you are not in the black out area
Radio: 710 ESPN & MLB At Bat