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9/29/19: FINAL Open Game Thread

So it has come to this

2019 Opening Series: Oakland Athletics v. Seattle Mariners
Two legends kind of touching each other

It’s hard to believe that this is the last Mariner game for at least half a year. Every year the baseball season follows this familiar pattern of stunning and delighting, winking, beaconing, and then dragging the last mile before slamming the breaks. Even though we are all ready for the end, maybe we have been counting down the days, its arrival is jarring. I feel like I should have more time left with these losers. Losers, please don’t leave yet. I need to watch you lose more.

Here it is. The final lineup. Make of it what you will, but I find it a far bit more interesting then last years final lineup.

Kyle Seager and Daniel Vogelbach. That is the complete list of names of players who appeared in last years final game. Is that even the same team? If you replace every board and nail on a boat is it still the same boat? Hopefully next year’s final game will have many more holdovers than this one.

I am excited and anxious to watch this final game. It’s the last chance at Mariners baseball we’ll get for awhile.

Please, join me!