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FanPost Friday: Your favorite September call-up

A Septembah to remembah

MLB: JUN 13 Mariners at Twins

September is a special time of year in baseball, historically, as rosters expand and the contenders prepare for their playoff runs. For the non-contenders, the roster expansion means that fans often get to see a glimpse of the team’s future. For the 2019 Mariners and their fully-stocked farm system, this September has been full of fun moments with shiny, new toys.

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Also, in case you missed this last week.....please enjoy some delightful nonsense.

What were some other notable September call-ups over the years for the Mariners?

Prompt: Tell us about your favorite September call-up

Go deep in the memory banks or just talk about your favorite from the current crop. As usual, we’ll front page the best FanPost submissions over the weekend.