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Sporcle Friday: AL Catchers Since 2010 with 20+ HR Seasons

squats = power

Seattle Mariners v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Catchers are not typically the best hitters on the team. Given the incredible specificity of their job, there are only so many people who can handle (or choose to subject themselves) to a season of incessant squatting and foul balls to the grill.

It’s pretty amazing that anyone ever hits a home run in the big leagues, and even more amazing that some of these people also have to catch 99 MPH fastballs and breaking pitches shaped like question marks.

As this decade comes to a close, we have a select few people that spent a season catching in the American League and hitting at least 20 home runs. Two of them did it for the Mariners, one was technically a Mariner but never suited up, and two more played for the M’s this decade but did not accomplish the feat in Seattle. Tom Murphy could totally reach 20 dingers this year too, but as of right now, the list sits at 19. See if you can get the complete group!

Note: The criteria for being a catcher was simply playing at least 50 percent of your games at the position. Obviously some of these guys also slotted in at DH or first base sometimes.