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Open Game Thread, Labor-Free Edition: 9/2/19

Labor Day, Shmabor Day, What a Dumb Day

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Happy Labor Day, gang. Hope you’ve all rolled out of bed nice and early and settled in for some millenial baseball, featuring a young pitcher and lots of avocado toast, in a home you can maybe afford to rent but never to buy. Do you guys realize we’re going to get to see Justus Sheffield swing a bat today? Life is full of blessings, every single day. That’s what I’m taking away from that. Swing hard, Justus, in case you hit it.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to the NL, I guess: I have literally no idea what a Robel Garcia is, and I refuse to find out. Jake Fraley is back for Seattle—the team rightly did not announce it while he was away, but it’s fairly likely he was tending to matters surrounding the Blake Bivens tragedy, as they played together in the minors and their wives were reportedly close. In baseball matters, honestly, the 1-5 of this lineup is pretty darn interesting, at least to me. I’m also curious if Fraley’s hair gets stuck in the ivy at any point. Also... BRADEN BISHOP IS BACK! So many reasons to tune in! This one should wrap up just in time to rehydrate and pick up some takeout for the big Notre Dame-Louisville tilt. Did I ever tell you guys about the time I watched Notre Dame lose to USF in their season opener interrupted by a thunderstorm? Worst in-person sports experience of my life.

Game Notes

Radio: 710 ESPN

TV:, ROOT Sports NW


First Pitch: 11:20 Pacific Time