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Lookout Landing Podcast 82: Kyle Lewis looks very good

The player development plan is to hit dingers, baby

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Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

0:00-15:25: A brief breakdown of our cowardice, hydration, and overall health levels, as determined by Kyle Lewis.

Given the unbelievable start to Lewis’ career, we obviously devote several minutes, infinite mind space, and several limbs (if needed) to him. Also, early plans for the KLew statue, an explanation of Arkansas’ Dickey-Stephens Park, and imagining Lewis’ swing in Houston’s juice box. This runs opposite to Justin Dunn’s MLB debut, which was slightly sabotaged by his catcher’s defense.

15:30-31:25: We love it when a plan comes together. As the Mariners’ farm starts to congeal into a big-league team, the Astros’ sheds some of its big names while still operating with maddening efficiency. The key to player development seems to be – and stick with us here – having a clear organizational philosophy and then acting upon said philosophy! Could be something to consider. George Kirby’s unwavering dedication to strikes falls beautifully into the Mariners’ vision of growth, which is giving us early returns on the franchise’s player development strategy.

31:30-40:20: Is Donnie Walton part of the bigger picture? How does Dylan Moore’s baby fawn body play baseball? Kate dubs Moore’s swing the “dish rag” because it wrings every micro-ounce of power out of its frame. Let’s also get corporate barista Austin Nola some reps behind the plate before the season ends. Matthew dares you to finally cancel him.

40:25-53:54: Before Kate gets whisked away to T-Mobile Park and the wonders of Ichiro Weekend, we talk about No. 51’s one of a kind career. Remember the inside the park homer in the All-Star game? Off Chris Young? That went over Griffey’s head? Have you seen the sauce he brought to this meeting with Michael Jordan?

it’s called fashion look it up

Twitter asks about this catch Ichiro pulled off in batting practice.

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Music: “Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley // “Help Me” by Joni Mitchell

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