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Lookout Landing Podcast 80: Mariners’ MLB Bummers & MiLB Hope, plus Players’ Weekend Disasters with Eric Sanford

the good news is we get to see some of the prospects play in seattle soon

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SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

A tradition as old as time, the Mariners being pretty terrible and the Lookout Landing podcast getting recorded at a bar. Immerse yourself in the summer sounds of three local bloggers washing down their beautiful, nuanced opinions with various pilsner and kolsch drafts.

0:00-21:30: Matthew and Kate are joined by staff member Eric Sanford at Beveridge Place Pub for the most important hour of your entire life. Kate and Eric talk about their approach to Edgar Weekend, which they will both be attending in some capacity. A trenchant discussion on the actual value of winning, and what location is best for that. A dive into prep prospects reveals that baseball players are just recycling names. Eric brags about having children, a job, and cool hats. A motorcycles roars on, and so does the podcast.

21:35-30:00: Logan Gilbert vs. Yadier Molina, the winner may surprise you. We stan the beef boys no matter where they go. As we reach another August of bad Mariners, do you care about the rest of Major League Baseball? We love and support both Nelson Cruz and Mike Leake in their new endeavors. We then make a shameless attempt to have HBO buy the rights to the Lookout Landing podcast.

31:00-41:00: September callups are nigh. They absolutely, positively, 100% have to include Ian Miller or we stage a coup. We want all of our children to succeed in this low-pressure situation, and most importantly, continue to trust the process. In life, there is comedy and tragedy, and the Mariners are both. Again, Brodie Van Wagenen, accept Matthew’s LinkedIn request. The tremendous trio sings the praises of the collective attitude surrounding the Mariners’ minor league system. Fun is fun, y’all. Guess how many Mariners have hit 35 home runs in a season, and how close a certain lefty slugger is to getting there?

41:15-57:15: We devote a lot of brain power to Players’ Weekend. Catchers should be allowed to hit leadoff, too. A2 + B2 = the keys to our heart. The opposite of a key to our heart is using your actual last name on your Players’ Weekend jersey. Does Kyle Seager have college football coach energy? Did J.P. Crawford have to go with Crawdaddy? Eric flexes his incredible preparation. Are the Players’ Weekend jerseys themselves bad? Let me go ahead and answer that for you….yes. Lastly, Mark Canha, square up (this was unwarranted, but the sentiment remains).

57:20-1:08:00: Questions from Twitter! If you submitted a question you are all of our best friend. Here, enjoy this video of dunk contest/breakdance contest winner Zac Grotz:

Music: “Cannonball” by The Breeders // “Oogum Boogum Song” by Brenton Wood

Note: If you’re searching for the podcast to subscribe (and we would love it if you did) please be aware that it is listed as simply “Lookout Landing” and not “Lookout Landing 2.0” which is understandably confusing. We’re sorry.


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