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FanPost Friday: If you had the chance to spend 15 minutes with Edgar Martinez, what would you say?

It’s your Edgar Hall of Fame Weekend FPF prompt!

Seattle Mariners Photo by John Williamson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Fina11y! It’s Edgar Hall of Fame Weekend at T-Mobile Park. Are you going? Which games? I’ll be there on Saturday and I’m looking forward to once again paying homage and respect to one of the greatest Mariners players of all time and the best designated hitter of all time.

We’ve done prompts about your favorite Edgar Martinez memories and moments in the past, so I came up with something a little different for you to consider.

Prompt: If you had the chance to spend 15 minutes with Edgar Martinez, what would you say?

Feel free to treat this as an open letter kind of format. Maybe some of you have had the chance to chat with him before, so feel free to tell us about that experience. I know that if I had 15 minutes with Edgar, I would definitely express a lot of gratitude for his loyalty to the Mariners, his devotion to public service and supporting those in need, and just for the grace and kindness he has always put forth into the world. The world could use more people like Edgar.

So! Tell us what you would want to say to Edgar or ask him about if you had the chance and we’ll front page as many submissions as we can this weekend and possibly beyond. I hope everyone has a good time at the ballpark this weekend and exercises some patience with the big crowds, just like Edgar being patient at the plate.

PS: Go listen to the new LL podcast for more Edgar content!