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Checking in on Mariner fan confidence after the trade deadline

It’s FanPulse week 20!

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Arizona Diamondbacks
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Post-trade deadline is a good time to stop and take stock of how fans are feeling about the club. The Mariners were somewhat limited by what they could do at the trade deadline, but per our FanPulse polling, most fans were satisfied with what the club did with its limited resources:

How different the trade deadline might have looked for the Mariners if Domingo Santana’s bat hadn’t fallen into a tar pit, Austin Adams and Connor Sadzeck were healthy, Hunter Strickland had been healthy all season...sigh. What could have been. It stings a little extra because of one the M’s divisional rivals was widely hailed as winners of the trade deadline:

It’s no surprise that Astros fans (98%) were also among the happiest with their team at the trade deadline, although generally most fanbases were pleased—some notable exceptions are Blue Jays fans (26% approval), who probably felt like they should have gotten more than Derek Fisher; Cardinals fans (10%! approval), frustrated by their team not adding anyone; and Pirates fans (23% approval), who disapprove of the Pirates in general. Padres fans were in a 40-60 split, generally wishing they had added something (you could’ve had your very own Mike Leake, Padres!). Yankees fans still gave the team a fairly high approval rating (34%), which surprised me considering the criticism I read from writers and fans alike. But maybe they were just happy not to be Red Sox fans (26%). [Funniest to me: Dodgers fans, who either want everything in the world or have never heard of Dustin May nor Gavin Lux, gave the team only a 46%.] In the AL West, only Angels fans (26%) were displeased, and that number I assume is split between those who hoped the Angels would go for it and bring in a frontline starter and those who hoped they’d sell off some pieces (Ty Buttrey maybe?) to get some MLB-adjacent talent for their next go at competing.

Back on the home front, fan confidence in the direction of the team is up for the first time in a while, to 80%. Maybe it’s the aftereffect of a successful trade deadline or the glow of a homestand where they won a series against the Rangers and swept the hapless Tigers (the sweep in Houston and getting no-hit wouldn’t be included in these numbers, which also helps).

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