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8/6/19: Open Game Thread

Spring Training rematch redux

Baltimore Orioles v San Diego Padres
fun in the sun
Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

The Mariners return home tonight to square off against the team with whom they share a Spring Training complex. I am always a little extra-invested in the Padres players because when I go to games at ST, a lot of them wind up being Padres games by dint of the shared stadium; also, since Seattle and San Diego always make up the same Arizona Fall League team (go, Peoria Javelinas! Skunk Pigs for life!), there are usually a few prospects I’m familiar with from that team who become special favorites. This was mostly an excuse to seed the article I will be writing next Monday about how to go to the Arizona Fall League, so be on the lookout for that.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.

Tatis gets all the hype, and he is electric, but I am a big fan of Luis Urias, a special prospect pal from one of those AFL teams. I loved the hit tool Urías has, and if he didn’t share a diamond with Tatis, he’d be perfectly fine at shortstop. I’m now regretting not going to this game. Hmm let’s go take a peeksie at what the going rate is over on Gametime and....the cheapest ticket listed is 25 bucks. For an interleague game for a team that hasn’t won 40 games yet this season? Hachi machi.

Well, looks like I’ll be watching the game on ROOT, as per usual. Same bat time, same bat channels.

Roster move in case you missed it:

Also, RHP David McKay, part of a four-player package the Mariners gave the Royals a literal dollar for, was claimed on waivers by the Tigers. That leaves Matt Tenuta, in Arkansas’ bullpen, as the only remaining .25 cent man.