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8/19/19: Open Game Thread

at the Tropi, Tropi-cabana

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
somehow not the Kingdome
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

After a surprisingly successful trip across the border, the Mariners have gone from America’s Hat to America’s...misshapen big toe. This is why we don’t wear sandals.

The Rays are a better team than the Blue Jays, by a lot, although they had struggled hard to find offense lately, with a 29-inning scoreless streak they were just able to snap on Saturday by scoring one (1) run against the Tigers. Of course, they also struck out 24 Tigers batters in that game as well, because Tigers but also because their pitching staff has quietly been one of the most effective in baseball:

Today we get the pleasure of seeing Brendan McKay, which should be fun.

Sorry for the quality of that lineup image, which is literally the only one I could find on Twitter with both teams. If you know of an account that regularly posts full-game lineups (not just one team, so it’s all in one tweet) with non-eye-bleed-inducing graphic design, do be so kind as to drop it in the comments.

For those of you who have wandered into this game thread and do not live in the Seattle or Tampa Bay area, first, how did you get here, and second, congratulations! You can watch this game for free on MLB TV, where it is the Free Game of the Day. For the rest of us, the game is available on the regular bat-channels, beginning at 4:10 PT.