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Music Friday Prospect Profile: RHP Jarod Bayless

The Music Friday thread re-emerges with a new purpose

Photo courtesy of Jarod Bayless/Instagram

With the infusion of new talent into the system, we thought we’d bring back a cherished LL tradition in the Music Friday open threads, but couple that with a brief prospect profile so readers can get to know some of our players outside the lines a little better. I couldn’t think of a better person to kick off this series with than Mariners prospect Jarod Bayless, a 6’4” right-handed pitcher from Texarkana, TX, whose musical taste might be the most eclectic in the system.

The Mariners took Bayless, a senior at Dallas Baptist University, in the 33rd round in this year’s draft. In 100 career innings at DBU, Bayless struck out 128 batters while walking just 49.

He’s carried those strong K-BB numbers into the AZL, with a K/9 of over 12 against a BB/9 of .57 over 15.2 innings of work. But more importantly, he recognizes the genius of the Talking Heads. The kids, they are all right.

What song gets you through those last few reps?

Biskwiq - “Shaush”

What song gets you locked in for the game?

Talking Heads - “Burning Down the House”

What song improves your mood, no matter what?

Reptar - “Stuck in My Id”

What song makes you think of home?

Parker McCollum - “South of the City Lights”

What’s your guilty pleasure song?

Doja Cat - “Juicy”

Other than sleeping, how do you pass the time on the bus?

Currently I’m reading through a book called A Pilgrim’s Guide to Rest. The book is essentially confronting the modern message of some mixture of good deeds and faith will save you. The authors stand on the essential truths of Christianity, by faith alone through grace alone. The modern message of being a good person that God is willing to favor is more of a burden than a relief. So our lives are spurred out of the fear of impending judgment, and not the liberating freedom of the gospel. It’s a call back to the gospel, and not to the burden of the believer to do “x.”

Who is the most interesting teammate to talk to?

All our guys are pretty interesting! I’m going to have to say Christian Pedrol, though. He’s a great guy and he speaks three languages. We always have some good conversation.

Who among your teammates has the best taste in food/clothes/music?

I’ve gotta go with Matt Mogollon [2019 FA signee out of CBU].


Want to learn more about Jarod Bayless? Follow him on Twitter @___Bayless or Instagram (@jarodbayless), where he frequently posts links to what he’s listening to, ponders questions about what he’s reading, or asks for favorite quote suggestions. (Pro tip: peep the JAMS section of his insta stories for more recommendations like those above.) And feel free to kick your favorite current tunes into the comments, or expand on some of Jarod’s choices here.