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MLB All-Star Game 2019 - Open Game Thread

A Midsommar Classic of Batted Ball Carnage - Rated R for Ridiculous

1992 Major League Baseball All-Star Game
‘92 was a good year!
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Ah, the wacky pageantry of the MLB All-Star Game is upon us. Prepare to take in the Joe Buck-ness of of it all. The snooty comments about the shift and non-traditional bullpen roles. The Justin Verlander of it all.

Also, a “joke.”

What’s your take, Max Scherzer?

Has there ever been a brawl in All-Star Game history? Nope, just Pete Rose destroying Ray Fosse’s shoulder on a play at the plate and oh god dammit time really is a flat circle, jeez.

Anyways, Daniel Vogelbach is the Mariners’ sole All-Star representative tonight. Matthew has already lined up which NL pitcher he might demolish when he comes off the bench, so check that out. Also, revisit this because the Mariners did indeed LET. HIM. PLAY. and now our small-flat-brim-wearing son is living his truth as an AL Designated Hitter with 21 home runs and 2.1 fWAR/138 wRC+ and he is a God damn MLB All-Star.

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day
you cannot stop him, you can only hope to contain him
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


Game time: 4:30 PDT