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Mariners Moose Tracks, 7/8/19: Futures Game, Francisco Cervelli, and the USWNT

We’ve got plenty of coverage from the beginning of All-Star weekend.

Just Griffey and Justin Dunn casually hanging out, talking shop

Good morning everyone and happy Monday! Let’s get your day started with some links.

In Mariners news...

  • Shouts to Evan White.

Also, Ken Griffey Jr. giving Evan White hitting tips in the dugout is a mood:

  • The future is bright.
  • And more good Justin Dunn content.
  • Look at that sweet swing.
  • We’ve got a Dan Altavilla update.
  • Mike Wright will be sticking around in the organziation.

Around the league...

  • Omar Vizquel is a wizard.
  • Yasiel Puig seems to have enjoyed these alternate Reds jerseys.
  • Umm...alright.
  • Francisco Cervelli says he will no longer catch, if he plays in baseball again at all.
  • Jake Marisnick and Jonathan Lucroy had a scary collision at home plate yesterday. Deadspin thinks MLB should punish Marisnick for the hit, which took Lucroy out of the game.
  • Oh no.

Anders’ picks...

  • Congratulations to the USWNT on winning their second straight World Cup!