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6/7/19: Open Game Thread

Do it for Vogelbach, guys

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Futures Game Day! We’ll have a separate thread going up for that game, starting at 4 PM on MLB Network. After that, stick around for the premiere of the ‘95 Mariners special, beginning at 7 PM.


Infuriating News:

Chapman is a great hitter, but this is just poor marketing, MLB. Vogelbach is 100x more endearing than Matt Chapman, and his bombs more majestic. BEEF BOYS forever.

Other, Less Infuriating News:

  • RHPMike Wright was outrighted to Tacoma after being DFA’d to make room for Matt Wisler, acquired on the 4th of July because Jerry Dipoto hates holidays;
  • RHP Dan Altavilla’s MRI came back and showed no structural damage. He’ll rest and rehab his arm.