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7/26: Open Game Thread

The Mariners aim to win consecutive series for the first time in...a while

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Fresh off an exciting win last night, the Mariners look to keep the good vibes going against a struggling Tigers team.

This is a good opportunity for Kikuchi, working with Tom Murphy, to hopefully get a solid start under his belt as he continues to adjust to major league pitching.

Vogelbach also gets a start tonight as he continues to strive to improve against left-handed pitching. It’s a pretty lefty-heavy lineup against a lefty pitcher, but [gestures generally in direction of the Mariners and Tigers’ respective sesaons].

Before the game we had another series of roster moves, because today is a day that ends in Y:

I thought it looked like Lopes was rubbing his jaw in pain last night; he might be on the 7-day Concussion List as opposed to a longer stint on the 10-day IL, but who knows. Ryan Court will hopefully get a chance to make his MLB debut as the latest in a series of guys who are finally getting their shot at the show; Court was in indy ball earlier this season, playing for the Sugar Land Skeeters, and has been playing ball even longer than Lopes, so that’s a potentially cool story to watch out for tonight.

Today’s game is available on all the normal bat-times and bat-channels. If you’re thinking about going to the game, it’s a fireworks night, so might be a fun night to tool down to the park if you’re on the fence. Fireworks, unlike our baseball team, almost never disappoint.