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FanPost Friday: Draft your all-time best Mariners team

Listen to the podcast, jerks!

No doubt about it: Home plate umpire Nick Bremigan leaves no doubt about his decision as he calls ou Photo by Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Hello and welcome to a glorious summer Friday in the Northwest. Since it is also FANPOST FRIDAY, as is the custom here, I have a very fun and entertaining prompt for you. It comes directly from this week’s excellent LL Podcast by Matthew and Grant aka Bongos, which you should go listen to right now.

Prompt: Draft your all-time best Mariners team

Ken Griffey Jr.

Here are the basic rules. Pick a Mariners player for all these positions:


For each player, you must choose the specific season of that player that you want, for example, Pete O’Brien, 1991 (please do not choose that).

Here are the teams that Matthew and Grant picked.

Keep in mind that they did a head-to-head serpentine draft so no one could have the same player. For this exercise, you can have anyone you want! No competition. Choose whatever criteria you want. Best offense, best defense, all-non-American team, all OBP team, etc. Go nuts and GUESS WHAT? The comment section is OPEN. I humbly request that if you are posting more than just your lineup, that you go ahead and take the liberty of making it a FanPost so that I can front page your rationalizations for your picks.

Draft hard or die tryin’!