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7/24/19: Open Game Thread

This game is not under protest. Yet.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In the daytime, they play baseball. They, in this case, does not refer to many of the Mariners’ better players, unfortunately. Mitch Haniger has been out for some time, as has lesser player but worthwhile outfielder in 2019 Braden Bishop.

Ryon Healy isn’t necessarily stellar but he’s missed much of the season and has suffered another setback, making his reappearance in Seattle this year dubious at best.

Add to that Dee Gordon and Domingo Santana recently suffering exacerbations of injuries and it’s a recipe for a slopfest at T-Mobile Park. What that means in particular is Tim Beckham: No. 3 hitter and also left fielder, as well as Seattle playing all three of their catchers in the starting lineup, and all of them hitting ahead of Kyle Seager. This is also a showcase game for both starting pitchers, as Mikes Leake and Minor make what could well be their final starts with their current team.

Game Time: 12:40 PM PT
Radio: 710 AM ESPN
Online: MLB.TV