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Mariners Moose Tracks, 7/21/19: Edgar Martinez, Edgar Martinez, and Edgar Martinez

It’s finally today!

Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Today may be one of the most emotionally impactful days in Seattle Mariners history. I remember sitting in class in 2010 and reading about Edgar Martinez’s first Hall of Fame vote results. I remember seeing him at a paltry 36%. I remember that five years later, halfway through Edgar’s eligibility, he was even lower: 27%. The prospect of ever seeing Edgar in the Hall felt like a pipe dream.

And yet, here we are. This moment feels like a catharsis: for Edgar of course, but for the Mariners’ PR team, for Mariners fans, and for proponents of modern statistical baseball analysis. The good guys won. I hope to savor it.

In Edgar Martinez news...

In non-Edgar Mariners news...

  • Cespedes Family BBQ interviewed Mariners prospect Evan White!
  • Beat writer Jon Heyman has some thoughts on AquaSox interim manager Carson Vitale’s beard. Because of course he does.

In non-Edgar MLB news...

  • If you’re wondering, things are still bad for the New York Mets!
  • It was very hot yesterday in many MLB parks.
  • Yankees first baseman Luke Voit was hit in the face with a fastball yesterday. I won’t embed the clip, but if you would like to watch for some reason, you can do so here. Thankfully, reports state that Voit is fine.
  • Rays pitcher Oliver Drake threw a... splitter? A screwball? A slider? Whatever it was, some people are calling it the nastiest pitch of the season so far.

Zach’s non-Edgar picks...

  • I don’t have much for today, to be honest. So check out this heartwarming video of a baby elephant taking its first bath.