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Lookout Landing Podcast 77: British Guy

proper podcast you lot have, innit?

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New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Baseball. Britain. Badass bloggers. This is the content you crave.

0:00-9:00: Tim Beckham don’t listen to this,,,you are not a trade chip. A discussion of the Mariners set to the soundtrack of ice cubes swirling around various drinks. Do we root for wins or the sweet specter of a high 2020 draft pick? Is the concept of “fun baseball” a myth? What kind of arc is the Mariners’ season following, how many times can Matthew flex in the first ten minutes, and a story about violence on the kickball field?

9:00-17:00: The Three Amigos of Seattle, who are surely not the people we thought they’d be prior to the season. Satan’s Frisbee vs. The Devil’s Toboggan. There are, according to Kate, famous water parks in Texas. What to do with Austin Adams? Loads of team require an extra bullpen arm, after all.

17:00-26:30: We bravely talk about Mariner player development and all of the things that go into that. J.P. Crawford looks great! (So far). You love to see it. If we have to give the current regime credit in their player dev strategies, it’s in the pitching category. J.P. is intriguing, though. Praise the Crawford bloodline.

26:30-34:00: Pray for Mitch Haniger’s crotch. Why do baseball players dress like tenth graders? Scared money don’t make none. I promise this is a good podcast.

34:05-40:50: [clears throat] VOOOOOOOGEEEEEEYYYYYY! Brodie Van Wagenen, accept Matthew’s LinkedIn request, you coward. Noticing a lot of similarities between Vogelbach and a certain player in Anaheim (spoiler alert: it’s not Jonathan Lucroy). Kate points out the difference between baseball intelligence and real life intelligence. That noise you hear is not us pouring more drinks, nope, not us. We would never do that. No sir.

41:00-46:00: What emojis does Daniel Vogelbach use? Is Marco Gonzales the best intern of all time? Will we soon see Domingo enjoy his Sundays in another city? The first question from Twitter is about Jake Fraley.

46:50-1:09:30: British Guy joins Kate and John to recap the London Series. British Guy compares the Red Sox to Manchester City while marveling at the Yankees’ muscle mass. According to British Guy, infielder D.J. “The French Lad” LeMahieu is surely the best player in the league. Before leaving, British Guy offers his takes on the Mariners and the most British names in baseball.

Music: “Run Away With Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen // “God Save the Queen” by Sex Pistols

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