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Lookout Landing Podcast 78: Josh Horton of the Everett Herald

The AquaSox beat writer joins the podcast to talk about what he’s seen from the Mariners’ affiliate in Everett

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Photo courtesy of Kevin Clark/Everett Herald

The podcast is back for a rip-roarin’ episode featuring the two best looking and smartest members of Eastlake High School’s Class of 2013, as well as Da Gawd Kate Preusser, the boss of all bosses.

0:00-6:00 – We introduce our guest, sportswriter Josh Horton of the Everett Herald. Josh covers the AquaSox during the summer, making him arguably the most qualified person on earth to do an episode about the Mariners’ affiliate in Everett. Matthew and Josh talk about their old tweets from when they shared the halls at Eastlake Wolves.

6:00-16:00 – How do the AquaSox adjust to life in Everett? Which of the players have the most unique stories? Kate mentions Dean Nevarez, who you can learn more about by reading this. Who plays the role of translator for the AquaSox’ Spanish-speaking players? Kate points out the Mariners’ promotion strategies when it comes to challenging their prospects.

16:15-25:00 – Austin Shenton talk! Josh has seen him play, in person! We run through some of the less-heralded players in Everett who have stood out in their first month of pro ball. What sort of skills should we look for in the low levels of the minor leagues? Also, son of Beef Dad is discussed.

25:10-33:20 – The AquaSox fired their manager, and that’s about all we know. As Josh tells us, there’s lots of secrecy around this team. He can also confirm that the Northwest League gets chippy, and the championship was once won on a walk-off balk.


33:30-44:00 – What is the best name on the AquaSox roster? There are legitimately too many to choose from. Damon Casetta-Stubbs is an interesting high-ceiling guy that many fans aren’t paying attention to. And at long last, some love for Trent Tingelstad and Carter Bins. What is the best between-innings game or promotion at Funko Field? Matthew shares a savage burn passed along from his cousin, and Josh shares one of the stadium’s motivational tactics.

45:45-1:01:50 – Robinson Canó stories! Believe it or not, the Mets legend was once an Everett AquaSox. How creepy is Webbly the Frog? Is Webbly in cahoots with The Rainforest Café? Stop making the “When are they getting traded?” joke about all of our baseball children !!!!! Matthew ends with arguably his worst take yet, combining his loves for West Coast Conference basketball and being wrong. Shouts to the state champion Eastlake Wolves women’s basketball team.

Music: “If You Know You Know” by Pusha T // “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long” by Erykah Badu

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