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7/17/19: Open Game Thread

Technically not breakfast baseball.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Three days into living on the East Coast and it’s bizarre that this is an early game back in Seattle. I spent all of yesterday bemoaning the lack of baseball until the evening, so at least by comparison this rules. The quality of the game itself, of course, is no guarantee. The Mariners will be rocking the Opener today, albeit with a shade more intrigue than usual. Recently recalled prospect Erik Swanson gets the call, and he could go a bit longer if he’s on point out of the gate.

It is a grim commentary on the brand of baseball the team is playing that two innings of Swanson would be an exciting development, but here we are. Dog Days, thou doth wag too much. We get to see Homer Bailey make his Athletics debut as well. Last time the Mariners saw him, he blanked the Mariners for 7.2 innings in Seattle. The time before that, he was bludgeoned for seven runs and three dingers over just five innings in Kansas City.

Game Time: 12:37 PM PT
TV: ROOT or MLB Network
Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle
Online: MLB.TV