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FanPost Friday: What did Mariners players do over the All-Star Break?

It’s fan fiction time, folks

Gone Fishin’ With Red Sox Pitcher Rick Porcello
work is for people who can’t fish, am i right??
Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

All right, the Mariners only had one All-Star representative this season, our Lad and Savior Daniel Vogelbach. That means the entire rest of the team had about 4 days off. So, what did they get up to?

Prompt: Write your best version of what your favorite Mariners player did over the All-Star Break

If you want to use social media as an aid, go for it. Plenty of players posted photos of BBQs, vacations, playing with their kids, etc. Or just wing it and make up your own short story. Go nuts (Also, #GoNuts).

We’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend. Hope you all had a nice few days off from following the Mariners if that’s what you needed, your mileage may vary. I enjoyed getting a bit more caught up on the minor league action. Anyways, thanks for reading and I look forward to reading some weird Mariners fan fiction this weekend!