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Lookout Landing Podcast 75: Draft Day, Bad Play, Bye Jay

Elon University is indeed a real place, Jay Bruce is indeed a Phillie, Grant Bronsdon may indeed be a vampire

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MLB: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Open your ears and let the soothing* sounds of the Lookout Landing podcast wash** away your troubles***.

*sometimes loud and raucous

**aggressively pummel

***any remaining hopes of sanity

0:00-6:20: We welcome Grant “Bongos” Bronsdon to the podcast, as we recorded this in his living room. The ‘cast begins with a rundown of the draft rules, which unfortunately have nothing to do with Dua Lipa. Also, Grant is a former magnet boy in an actual, real life MLB draft room. He explains some of the ins, outs, and what have yous of the draft, while Kate spins a brief history of former Seattle draft picks that are flourishing for other organizations.

6:20-17:30: Matthew Allan has unfortunately become a New York Met. Pray for Matthew Allan. In happier news, the Mariners are wearing teal in games that aren’t just on Fridays, and John’s family is smitten with Mac Williamson, who is rivaling Daniel Vogelbach for biggest biceps on the team. As massive as Williamson’s arms are, they do not belong to Ian Miller, who feels deserving of an MLB call-up. Also, Braden Bishop has a busted spleen.

17:45-34:00: Actual draft talk! Matthew demonstrates a complete lack of understanding about farms and brings the great Roberson-Bronsdon Admission Beef to light. Kate gives an audio grade to every position group in the organization. She also drops a necessary reminder of the weakness of the 2019 draft class, and the eternal need for catchers. In other news, what is going on at Elon University?

34:15-43:00: Where will Mike Leake end up? Before the actual conversation, Matthew introduces a fun imagination game. If the speculation is true, Arizona could gain one stoner-looking pitcher soon. A trade to Arizona would also be a nice gesture to Leake, who has family in the state. The most important topic of the conversation though, is Grant a vampire?

43:00-51:15: We miss you, Jay Bruce. John discovers cigarettes. Matthew discovers Blaze Alexander. Grant discovers that nobody cares about The West Wing references in 2019. Kate discovers that Jerry Dipoto listens to our podcast. (He almost certainly does not).

52:00-58:55: Which Seattle celebrity is most likely to shove a player while sitting courtside at an NBA game? Is calling a Slovakian person a vampire racist?

59:00-1:01:15: BEEF DAD

1:01:20-1:07:00: Shouts to the Shenton Family, Daniel Vogelbach, and nobody else.

Music: “Working Out” by Donny Benét, “Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend

Note: If you’re searching for the podcast to subscribe (and we would love it if you did) please be aware that it is listed as simply “Lookout Landing” and not “Lookout Landing 2.0” which is understandably confusing. We’re sorry.


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