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6/6/19: Open Game Thread

Always happy to see the end of an Astros series

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Last night was a beautiful dream. It was my dad’s birthday so I was only following the game on my phone from dinner, plus I’m still in a bit of a post-draft haze, so it all felt a little

Today, reality will likely come stomping back in in steel-toed boots, but we will always have the sweet, sweet memory of the Astros sending husky slugger Tyler White to the hill.

Austin Adams will get his chance at being The Opener (which I like to say in a tone similar to, The Aristocrats!), which will hopefully go better for him than it did for Corey Gearrin, and then Tommy Milone will follow up.

Game time: 12:40 PM; game is on ROOT (TV) and 710 ESPN (radio), as well as MLB TV for those out-of-area, or follow for free on MLB Gameday.

Some bad news: Braden Bishop remains hospitalized for his lacerated spleen. I did some googling the other day and found that a lacerated spleen is also called a ruptured spleen which can cause serious problems or even death, which is terrifying. We’re all sending Braden our best wishes.

Some cold news: Apparently Mike Leake almost didn’t make his start yesterday after he was almost traded to the Diamondbacks. Here’s hoping Leake can have a few more outings like yesterday and build a little trade value down the stretch.

Some site news: You might have noticed some SBN sites going dark in response to the Vox Union walk-out. We were not given prior notice regarding the walk-out, and had, as usual, a series of articles scheduled to publish on the day. As contract employees, we at LL aren’t eligible to join the union, nor is converting contract employees part of the Vox union’s stated goals. We wish the members of the Vox union success in their unionization efforts.