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Elon-to-Seattle pipeline confirmed: Mariners take Elon closer Ty Adcock in 8th round

History repeats itself as the Mariners double-dip out of another small school

80-grade hair, 0-grade face (face does not appear to exist)

As they did in last year’s draft, the Mariners have partnered two arms from the same school. Last year, it was Stetson’s Logan Gilbert taken in the first round, complemented by Stetson reliever Ben Onyshko in the 24th; this year, the Mariners have kept working that Elon pipeline, taking George Kirby in the first and closer Ty Adcock in the eighth.

He’s not the tallest guy (6’0”), but Adcock is a burly righty with an overwhelming fastball some scouts think can reach triple digits. He pairs that with a sharp slider that helped him strike out 37 batters in 31 innings while walking just 16—not quite the incredible control numbers of his teammate Kirby, but not too shabby for a power reliever. A two-way player, Adcock led the team in saves (9), but also in HR and RBI.

He’s also anti-the dropped third strike rule, which immediately makes him my favorite prospect in the system, apologies to everyone else.

Adcock is still relatively new to the mound as a converted catcher, so there’s a possibility there’s even more to come from the burly righty.

The Mariners have now drafted four players from Elon in the past three drafts. Matthew will be speaking to Elon head coach Mike Kennedy sometime in the upcoming weeks and working on an article about why the Mariners are so intent on former Phoenixes. (Phoenici?)