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FanPost Friday: Pick your ideal 2019 Home Run Derby participants

Ring ding dong, ring da ding ding ding dong

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Milwaukee Brewers
you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like
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This week’s prompt is brought to you by a Twitter interaction with longtime LLer Pacific Northwest Vagabond regarding whether or not Daniel Vogelbach would be a good choice for the Home Run Derby:

Prompt: Pick your ideal 2019 Home Run Derby participants

PNV has a pretty stellar lineup of baseball destroyers, albeit two too many. So go ahead and pick your TOP EIGHT BASEBALL BOPPIN’ BOYS that you would like to see in this year’s derby. Use whatever criteria you want. Straight quantity or StatCast distance numbers or ISO or wXB or even (pregnant pause) WAR-DOOPIE. Pick your poison and pick your eight sluggers and write a FanPost about it. We’ll front page the best lineups over the weekend.