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FanPost Friday: Write your stump speech for getting Daniel Vogelbach into the Home Run Derby

Vogey could use a few sparkling letters of reference to bolster his application (the application contains dingers)

MLB: Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby underwent significant format changes in 2014 and 2015 that made for a more exciting and action-packed viewer experience, and also made it a bit more challenging for the participants by introducing time limits instead of outs. The rules also continue to change on how participants are selected. It used to be that only those voted into the All-Star Game could participant, but now any player can be invited and two non-All-Star invitees have already won the competition since the rule change (Yoenis Cespedes and Giancarlo Stanton, naturally).

As of 2018, the “Captains” of the NL and AL ASG teams selected the Derby participants, but I learned from Jerry Dipoto on the Wheelhouse podcast this week that the winner of last year’s Derby, Bryce Harper, gets to choose all the participants this season. Per Google, I’m having a hard time finding any source to back that up. Per LLawyer Tim Cantu says, “Attachment 16 to the CBA says the players are chosen by the Commissioner’s Office with input from the Players’ Association.” So, it’s a bit of a grey area at the moment! Regardless, Daniel Vogelbach needs YOUR help to influence the HRD decision-maker(s).

Prompt: Write your stump speech for getting Daniel Vogelbach into the Home Run Derby

No politics, but yes, if you were campaigning on the cause of getting Vogelbach into the Derby, what you say? What stats would you cite? Oh, maybe these?

I mean, here’s your cover letter right here:

never gets old!

So give us your best plea to help start more chatter to get Vogey into the dang Home Run Derby, and don’t forget to #VogeyTheVote! Today is your last day to get your All-Star Game votes in.

We’ll front page the best stump speeches over the weekend and spread them far and wide on social media.