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Sporcle Friday: Which pitchers has Kyle Seager faced the most?

A real who’s who of mediocre inning eaters

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
bb kyle

As the longest tenured Mariner position player, Kyle Seager has seen a lot of things during his time in Seattle. This includes a lot of pitchers, some of whom are very good and some of whom are largely forgettable.

Since debuting in 2011, Kyle Seager has taken more than 25 at-bats against 22 different pitchers. Can you name them?

(Note: The team(s) listed for each pitcher are just the teams they’ve played for since 2011, as it would have been impossible to face Kyle Seager prior to 2011. Also, just because a team is listed doesn’t necessarily mean the pitcher faced Kyle while playing for that team. It is simply a list of every team that has employed them since 2011. And yes, plate appearances would be a better metric, but the website where I found this information did not include that as a category.)

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