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6/19/19: Open Game Thread

The Mariners try to avoid getting swept by...the Royals. Ouch.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Well. Huh. Last night. That was a game. That was technically a thing that happened. Baseball pants were put on, and a game was played on the field. I was at trivia and the TV was tuned to soccer and I was too embarrassed to ask them to change it to the Mariners game, so I caught up later via the game thread, which was an eminently more enjoyable experience than actually watching the game. Thank you to everyone who participates in the threads and makes something entertaining out of the deep-fried hellhash on the field.

In Sunday’s recap, I posited that this homestand had the potential to knock the Mariners out of a top-ten draft pick. After being guaranteed a series loss to the literal Royals, that seems less likely, as the Mariners fall further away from the ranks of meh-bad teams (Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, San Francisco) and into the ranks of the truly abysmal teams of MLB (Detroit, Miami, Toronto, these selfsame Royals). Maybe this is just some three-dimensional chess by the Mariners, though; taking their losses midweek against a merely terrible team while saving the wins for the weekend against the cellar-licking Orioles. Or maybe they’re just awful. Who can say!


Tom Murphy continues to wedge his way into the starting lineup, and Austin Nola takes a seat to make room for lefties Omar Narváez and Daniel Vogelbach at DH and 1B, respectively. I wonder how long it is before we see Narv taking reps at 1B, if he and Murphy are going to truly split the catching duties. Also today: Dylan Moore in LF!

Today’s game is the free game on MLB TV, because you get what you pay for, and also available on ROOT and 710 ESPN, or you can always follow play-by-play on the MLB app if you’re at work and have a mean boss, or if you’re just embarrassed to be seen watching the Mariners.