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SoftbaLL 2019! Game 2 on Saturday, August 31!

Time to sock dingers and roast your internet friends! Again!

a buncha good sports!
photo by msb

Greetings! This is your official SoftbaLL posting for 2019. I’ll be updating this with more details as they get confirmed, but we’ve got the 2 dates set in stone and I’ve booked the field for the first game on July 13. Hope to see lots of regulars, lurkers, and new folks alike! Kids are totally welcome and encouraged to attend and play.

dropping into a game thread like
photo by msb

UPDATE 8/25/19:

Game TWO of 2019 SoftbaLL approaches! Meet up this Saturday, August 31, at Lower Woodland Park Field in Seattle, Field #6 at 1 PM for 2 hours of all the wackiest, least professional softbaLL action you can take! Bring snacks, water, sunscreen, and discreetly-covered adult beverages if you so choose. Afterwards, I’ve reserved space for us at the Park Pub on Phinney Ridge from 3 to 4 PMto keep the good times rolling. Park Pub is kid-friendly, has good pub food, beer, wine, booze, a pool table, and all that good stuff. Unfortunately there is a football game at 4:30 PM so we can’t hog the whole right side of the bar, but we’ll have a solid hour or so to hang out before we’ll need to make room for the football fans.

So! Join us this Saturday for all or part of any of that. Be sure to Venmo/PayPal/real life cash me $5 or so if you do play softbaLL to help cover the rental fee (see below). Let’s send summer and the 2019 season off with a bang (or a weak grounder to short, either way). Go Mariners and Viva LL!

the real softballs were the friends we made along the way
photo by msb

Game 2

Saturday, August 31

Lower Woodland Park Baseball Fields - Field #6

Post-Game Hangout: Park Pub on Phinney Ridge

The rental fee from Seattle Parks is $114, so if you plan to attend either game, please Venmo (@Eric-Sanford-1) or PayPal (Sanford.Eric at $5 to $10 to help cover the cost, or bring cash the day-of. Thank you!